Why Does God Have So Many Names?

Recently the Lord has been really impressing something simple and yet profound upon me. Its the value and expansiveness of His presence. For some reason I’ve been on this kick of wanting to learn the different names that The Lord was called in scripture. I was aware that this would lead to a further revelation of His character, but I had no idea just how much this would reveal.

As I studied some of the different names I found that most of the time these were not names that God gave Himself. Although He did tell people what to refer to Him as, often people would ascribe a name to Him out of the personal experience that they had recently gone through. They would give the Lord a name based on who He has shown Himself to be in that situation.

For example; Abraham thought that he would have to sacrifice his only son, but the Lord stayed his hand and provided a ram instead. At the realization that his God was a provider in this way, he called God, Jehovah Jireh (The Lord God that Provides). For that point on Abraham had a level of faith in the God that would provide. He knew the Lord in this way due to his own personal expereince. Others may not have known the Lord in this way, but regardless, the Lord was and is Jehovah Jireh.

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Others call the Lord, Everlasting God, Almighty God, Lord God who is Peace, etc. To me, these names used to simply be “characteristics” of God that I read about, but never experienced for myself. I knew that He was these things to biblical personalities, but never knew Him in most of these ways for myself. Now my perspective is different. As I pray and fast I now want to know the Lord’s character and interact with Him in such a way that I would ascribe these names to Him.

Imagine if people gave you a name according to their personal experiences with you. What would your name be? Would it be “One who cares”, or perhaps “Person who is generous”. Hopefully your name wouldn’t be the opposite extreme. Like, “Stingy”, or “Lazy person”. Regardless of what people call you aloud, if they know you they have a prefixed name for you that corresponds to your character strengths and weaknesses. It amazes me that our God only has terms of endearment attached to His character. His names are all things that account for His majesty, and unsurpassed glory.

What an amazing God to know! As we fast, pray, and walk out our experiences with God in learning who He is. Lets take time to ask the Lord to reveal more of His names to us, because He is ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PERFECT. He is the great I AM. All that is good, He is! Pray that whatever circumstances that you are fasting for would be impacted by the great I AM today. Whatever the situation lacks…HE IS! Whatever resources it needs…HE IS! Whatever counsel it calls for…HE IS! Pray to expereience God in a new way that increases your faith to know and beleive that HE IS, WAS, AND ALWAY WILL BE ALMIGHTY!

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