3. How Long Do I Fast?


Here’s a revelation for you…Man can’t live by bread alone (Matthew 4:4), but man DOES need bread(food) to live. You have to eat to live. Nobody can fast (complete fast) forever. If you fast forever its no longer a fast, its a lifelong change in your diet. Choose how long you believe the fast should last. This is often something that you will need to pray about and ask the Lord to lead you in.

Scripturally when a number of days was assigned to a fast it was in one of 5 specific durations:

1 Day = Nehimiah 9:1 & Daniel 6:18

3 Days = Esther 4:16 & Acts 9:9

7 Days = 1 Chronicles 10:11-12, 2 Samuel 12:15-20

10 Days = Daniel 1:12

21 Days = Daniel 10:2-3

40 Days =Exodus 34:28, 1 Kings 19:8, Matthew 4:4

Consider that you don’t have to regulate your fasting period of method to be identical to those found in scripture. You have the freedom to fast for half days, from sun rise to sunset, or do intermitted fasting (fasting off and on for a time). The fast is not successful simply based on the specific number of days but rather about your sacrifice made in faith.

Set a designated number of days or hours that you are absolutely willing to fast for. Don’t over do it, but at the same time enter into the exercise with faith that God (not your own will power) will see you through. Setting a timeframe for your fasting also sets a finish line that you can keep your gaze toward when the temptation to quit is strongest.


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