4. Juice Fasting


 Although it is never mentioned in the bible, juice fasting is yet another form of partial fasting. It consists of only consuming fresh juices and water for the duration of your fast. It allows your body to maintain its intake of essential vitamins and minerals while allowing the intestinal tract to rest, as well as cleanse the liver. If done for an extended duration you can expect weight loss and clarity of mind among other notable side effects to be aware of.

I personally have done juice fasts for as long as 40 days and as short as 3 days. During which time I felt a sense of clarity, spiritual awareness, and closeness with God that I had never felt before.

The health benefits of juice fasting have been well documented in recent times and is one of the fastest growing forms of fasting in America. The spiritual benifits of which have been popularized by pastors and doctors such as Jentezen Franklin and Don Colbert, MD.



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