Types of Fasts

Technically speaking the true meaning of fasting is to refrain from eating of drinking anything for a given period of time. However, the benefits of sacrificially abstaining from the intake of certain foods to seek the Lord are widely noted in scripture and among today’s believers as well.

Fasting can be done in groups or alone; for short or long periods of time; entire days or part of the day; by eating nothing or by eating selectively. In any case there are many ways for people to lay an offering of fasting before the Lord.

When considering which type of fast is right for you, take into account who is fasting with you (if anyone), and what guidlines have already been put in place. If you are fasting alone, you are free to choose the fast that best suits your situation. In any cast, LET THE LORD LEAD YOU. This is not about being as extreme as possible just for the sake of saying, “I did it.” Fasting can break yokes, life burdens, and establish a level of freedom and revelation that you have never known before.


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