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Are We Forgetting God?

What happens when the doctor gives you a diagnosis of cancer or infertility? What do you do when you find out that you’ve lost your job, or that your children … Continue Reading →

Can Christians be Atheists too? Yep.

There are so many things in life that we wish we could control. We make plans, dream dreams, and prepare ourselves as best we can for each phase of life … Continue Reading →

Why Does God Have So Many Names?

Recently the Lord has been really impressing something simple and yet profound upon me. Its the value and expansiveness of His presence. For some reason I’ve been on this kick … Continue Reading →

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3 Practical Steps to Overcoming Pride

  1. Ask God to Show You Your Pride: When we are unsure if pride is resident in our hearts we are able to ask the Lord to reveal it. … Continue Reading →

How does humility lead to promotion?

Overcome Pride with Humility We’ve touched on humility in prior chapters, but in reference to it being a powerful antidote to pride, it is the key to introducing lasting change … Continue Reading →

Obstacle 3: The Stronghold of Pride

The most common translation of “proud” in the old testament is from some form of the Hebrew word that means – highly lifted up, or arrogant. A person who’s thoughts … Continue Reading →

What If I Quit My Fast Early?

Recently one of my close friends asked me a simple question, “Is there anything on your site about what to do if I fail during my fast?” Well, now there … Continue Reading →

Practical Steps to Overcoming a Mind Set on the Flesh

1. Become Familiar with the Voice of the Spirit:  In order to set your mind on the Spirit, you first have to learn to decipher His voice. Sometimes believers have … Continue Reading →