Can Christians be Atheists too? Yep.

good_without_god_There are so many things in life that we wish we could control. We make plans, dream dreams, and prepare ourselves as best we can for each phase of life that we take the time to forecast. We anticipate life’s changes and endure our circumstances based on a foreseen outcome that we have already predetermined, whether good or bad.

This is great when our foresight is rooted in the promises of God. We will hold on to the fact that,

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“all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.”

We have to remember this as we trust God and walk in faith regardless of how things apear. However, more often than not, most Christians place their expectations in the hands of pessimism. This pessimism is tied to a forecast of coming events in which God isn’t there.

As children of God we can have the tendency to anticipate a future outside of the love of God. We fear and tremble at the thought of unfavorable circumstances because we don’t trust that God is really in control or them. And if He is in control, He doesn’t love us enough to have our best interests in mind. In fear we subconsciously declare that the God we serve isn’t with us, and won’t be there in the future either. We live as atheists!

Any scenario in which you do not consider the love of God for you as the most dominating force in the equation, is a scenario based in fear and false thinking. It is a mindset on the flesh. Its a focus on that which has created being more powerful than the creator Himself! It is a life absent of God when under durest.

Many things can help push us beyond this carnal thinking and into a mindset on the Spirit. One of which is fasting and prayer. Fasting takes the focus of our sustenance off of what is available to the flesh, and puts it on what is available to the spirit. As we fast and pray, and indeed in our everyday lives we have to be careful to focus our minds and our expectations on our Almighty Unchanging God, and not on the ever-changing circumstances of life. He is our constant, He is our hope, He is our source.

Have you found yourself planning your future and enduring life’s challenges as if God isn’t there?

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