Know God

Biblical fasting is an exercise that denies our physical being, in order to be more connected to our spiritual being. The sacrifice of this personal denial is honored by our Heavenly Father through His answers and responses to our prayers. However, if you have never entered into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, all of your fasting efforts will yield little results in our temporary existence on earth, and no results in your existence in eternity.

In order for a person to live the life they were destined to live and experience eternal life with God, they must accept the sacrifice of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection that atones for their position of unrighteousness. We are all born sinners, separated from God. No amount of fasting corrects this position, no amount of good deeds can make up for that. Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse you from your sin and make you able to walk in a truly blessed relationship with God.

If you have never accepted Jesus as your Lord, and never invited Him into your existance to bring everlasting life to it…you are missing the greatest blessing known to man. You are missing a true relaitonship with your Heavenly Father. Would you like to know Jesus? Do you want to live the abundant life He spoke of? Then pray this with me if you will.

Father in Heaven, I accept the sacrifice of your Son Jesus. I believe that He was Your Son, and that His sacrifice cleanses me from my sin. Come into my life and change me forever. AWESOME!! If you prayed this prayer with a sincere heart, you now qualify for the blessings of God…including those only found in BIBLICAL FASTING!

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