8 Physical Changes to expect from Fasting – More than weight loss

When fasting there are several physical changes that your body will endure. Since the obvious one is weight loss, its been left off the list. If you are not aware of these changes before they occur, you may become discouraged even to the point of breaking your fast early. Many of these changes are not warning signs but rather natural reactions to an increase in the toxicity level of your blood stream. Here are 8 physical changes to be aware of.

1. Light Headedness:

When fasting you may experience lightheadedness from the changes in your bodies nutrient levels, as well as water intake. Standing too quickly or rising too fast from sleep may cause a moment of dizziness. To fix this problem simply be conscious of this before you rise and be slower to stand up. If the problem persists, remain seated and place your feet in a raised position to allow blood flow to return to your brain.

2. Body Odor:

During the fast your body is in the process of cleansing itself of stored toxins that are in the fat and cells. Because it is dealing with a toxicity level that is far above normal, the way it will expel these chemicals is mostly through the urine and skin. The increase in toxins released from the skin will likely cause an increase in the potency of your body odor. Carry extra deodorant with you and make sure to bathe regularly.

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3. Constipation:

The lack of food moving through your gastrointestinal tract can cause constipation if your intestines are not being stimulated during the fast by proper juices or herbal teas. Increase your water intake and consider adding herbal teas to allow for your bowels to move during your fast. The proper movement of waste through our intestines is a key aspect of physical cleansing.

4. Dark Urine:

One of the many ways the your body gets rid of harmful waste is through the urine. The increase of toxins being released as well as possible dehydration will result in darker urine. If your urine is consistently dark you are more likely to be experiencing dehydration, in which case you should make sure and drink plenty of water.

5. Skin Irritations:

Again, your body relies on many resources to get rid of harmful waste. The bowels, urine, and the skin, which is often forgotten. Since exercise is not recommended during prolonged fasting or water fasting the sweat can not be utilized as a means to expel waste. Because of this the skin may show signs of irritation and erupt with boils, pimples, and acne.

6. Bad Breath:

The toxicity level of your body causes this unwanted side effect of the fast. Your body is seeking any and every means to rid itself of its impurities, even through the saliva. Simply carry a tooth brush and tooth paste with you on your fasting days.


7. Coated Tongue:

Your tongue may develop a white film on it. This is also a sign of your body detoxifying. It is nothing to be alarmed by. Brushing it as you brush your teeth, and gargling with a natural mouth wash or salt water will help with the issue.

8. Change in Energy Levels:

The change in nutrient intake will contribute to a fluctuation in energy levels. Certain days you will feel extremely energized while on other days you will feel sluggish and tired. It is recommended that you refrain from exercise at this time because your body will not have the proper energy to recover from the rigors that you put it through.

Fasting is not only a weapon of great spiritual potential, but it is a great physical cleansing method as well. These warning signs and physical changes are nothing to be alarmed by if you understand their meaning.

How have you seen these physical changes in your fasting?


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